Blessings Can Come Out of the Worst Times.

The day come to complete sorrow. I never thought I would arrive to this horrible time. I always had hope that I would somehow dodge it. But, it has come. The sorrowful feeling of being alone is an eternal feeling in my soul. My best friend and only friend now ignores me and thinks of me as a burden. Ever since I left my school to commit to a knew one has left me with no friends. Not even friends that I thought I was closest to. My mom is a mother of a toddler of which needs plenty of attention but still does not get enough because my mother is a drug addict and doesn’t feel the need to get her life together. All the people that used to be friends in my neighborhood had left.Thank God for my sister. She is the only one I have left but sadly she is very very busy with school and work. She is seven years older then I am so its hard to hang out with her and her adult mates. Cursed is my sociability skills so I don’t expect making friends anytime soon. I guess I could use my time working on my arts of dancing and painting and sketching. I would love to become a famous contemporary dancer or tattoo artist one day. Both completely different and go into completely different roads so I should probably decide on one because both involve incredible skill that takes a lifetime to perfect to in order to fulfill into a profession. I need to spend some time to work on myself. Its the perfect time because I have no one else to occupy my time. I need to reflect into my true self and then meditate on it and find out who I would really like to be. It’s exciting actually because I can be whoever I would like to be. It’s like I am working on a painting. I can put any color or texture or shape into it and make whatever the end result I want it to be like. It wont be exactly what you want but it will either be close or turn out better if you work hard enough. Being alone isn’t as bad as it sounds. It can actually be a blessing. Ignore everything that is not made up of good energy. Cross out the hate.  Ignore it all and spend your valuable time on making your life made up of what you want it to be.

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